Honors & Awards

PMAI institutes several cash & certificate awards from time to time for achievements such as the best papers on basic & applied science and the best commercialised products & process in several categories. Details of these awards are announced in the call for papers that precedes all annual conferences and technical meetings.

Honorary members of PMAI

Late H. H. Hausner
Prof. G. Petzow
Late R. V. Tahmankar
Late G. S. Tendolkar
Mr. J. S. Upadhye

Fellows of PMAI

Late Y. B. Korlekar Dr. C. Ganguly
Prof. O. V. Roman Dr. Cesar Molins
Prof. P. Ramakrishnan Late Dr. R. Sundaresan
Mr. B. M. Kataria Mr. P. M. Agarwala
Mr. N. T. George Dr. S. Ashok
Dr. V. S. Arunachalam Mr. Mohan Gore
Dr. Sanjay Basu Mr. Bijoy Sarma
Dr. K. V. Krishna Rao Mr. U. Basak
Dr. Ashok Mohan Late Ashok Palwankar
Prof. T. R. Rama Mohan Dr. Hening Zoz
Late J. S. Sachdeva Mr. Narsi Chandrachud
Mr. Edul Daver Late P. N. S. Sivan
Mr. Manfred Dorst Mr. Manohar Parrikar
Late Dr. N. Kondal Rao Mr. Hans Soderhjelm
Prof. G. S. Upadhyaya Mr. Luigi Alzati
Mr. S. R. Sundaram Late Kempton H. Roll
Dr. Kalathur Narasimhan Mr. Dayasagar Mrig
Mr. Deepak Varshney Late Dr. Vijay N. Vaidya
Mr. Virendra K Sud Mr. V. Srinivasan
Mr. N. Gopinath Mr. B.S.Thanekar
Mr. C.L.Chu Prof. B.S.Murty

Significant contributions to PMAI

This website was designed and donated by Mr.N.Gopinath of Fluidtherm Technology & President PMAI (2013-19).